When God Shows You Where to Turn

Posted by on Jun 8, 2017

When God Shows You Where to Turn

As I write this blog, I’m currently somewhere in the air between Dubai and Nairobi, operating on the four hours or so of sleep I’ve been able to grab for each of the past two nights.

As you read this blog, I will probably be somewhere in Kenya, possibly in transit from one school, meeting, or festival to another. There will almost certainly be dust involved – a lot of it – and most likely some serious road issues.  Maybe even some livestock.

We spend a lot of time in traveling through places that we’ve never been, often processing an odd mix of excitement, culture-shock, anticipation, and apprehension, praying for grace and direction as we go.

And God is an incredible God who answers prayer, so naturally we have some crazy travel stories.

A few months ago, for example, we were traveling through Serbia in a van with a wonderful Romanian driver and four eclectic Americans, none of whom spoke more than a few words of Serbian.

Usually not a problem unless you’re lost. Or late.

And we were completely lost.  And late.

We had left from our hotel early on a Sunday morning in order to travel at high speeds on impossibly narrow (and surprisingly scenic) back roads to a nearby town where we were scheduled to minister at a small church.

The problem was that we hadn’t been able to find the church address in the driver’s GPS.  Or in any of the fancy IPhones carried by the Americans.  We also hadn’t been able to contact the church using the phone number we had been given.

We’re excited to impact Kenya together this week! We’ll be partnering with local churches to provide evangelism training, sharing the love of Jesus in festivals and schools. Please pray that many lives would be impacted by the life-giving message of Jesus, for the safety of all team members, and for provision for all remaining expenses. If you’d like to help financially, we are always grateful – simply click to partner with us in this mission – thank you, friends!

So we had driven slowly through the sleepy Serbian town trying not to look overly suspicious in our mud spattered out-of-town vehicle full of well-dressed dressed foreigners.

We had still gotten a few odd looks.

Finally our driver, Daniel, had pulled over on the side of a bridge to ask a pair of young men for directions in a thick Romanian accent.

They had answered in broken English – gesturing over their shoulders to the top of the hill on which the town was built.

“Thank you very much, that is a big help,” Daniel smiled and nodded to the young men, putting the van into gear and speaking back over his shoulder to us as soon as we were moving, “They have no idea where it is.”

The van endured a moment of uncertain silence.

And then Daniel swerved slightly to the right, making an last minute turn onto a side street.

“I think maybe we turn here,” he shrugged, “I just feel like maybe we should try it.”

The van was silent for a few minutes more as we continued up the new street, heading deeper into a residential area, and farther from anything that looked even vaguely church-like.

And then we passed a man in a rumpled suit coat walking along the side of the road.

“I think maybe this is the place…” Daniel slowed and pulled onto the gravel shoulder, “Maybe we should stop and ask this man…”


He stopped the van, jumped out, and ran back to the man he had seen, gesturing animatedly.

“Umm… yeah, sure, go ahead…”

None of us were going to say it, but the somewhat cluttered residential neighborhood where we had stopped REALLY didn’t look like the place we were looking for.

Daniel turned from the man and ran back to the vehicle, opening the door and talking excitedly, his face flushed.

“This is the place!  This is the church!  I was asking God to help and I just felt like I should take that turn, and then I saw this man, and thought ‘I feel like this is the man – I feel like this is the place.’  And it was!  It didn’t make any sense, but God showed us!”

“Well praise God!  Let’s do it!”

We clambered out of the van, grabbing our gear as we went, and soon we were winding our way through a dew-drenched backyard, dodging clotheslines between tightly-packed white houses with peeling paint, and then walking single-file up an outside stairway into an upper room packed with about a hundred waiting people.

It was like walking into a New Testament church – the people were friendly, expectant, and full of joy.  The band leader was one of the best musicians I’ve heard overseas, the pastor was kind and welcoming, and the church seemed deeply authentic in their pursuit of Jesus.

We played a few songs, and our evangelist shared the message salvation available through Jesus for the benefit of those who may have not yet made a decision to follow Him.

And people responded.  Hands were raised.  Lives were changed.

The entire experience was a bit of a “holy moment” for me – an hour spent in an upper-room, simple-Gospel, New Testament-like gathering.

And it had been made possible when our driver had chosen to trust God’s quiet voice – the voice of a God that still directs his children simply because He loves them.

I love this stuff.

And this is why we do what we do.

Our God is real, and He is able to do more than we can possibly imagine.

We’re beyond grateful to Jesus – His love and power are amazing, and He is using YOU to impact nations like Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, and Kenya.

As you stand with us in prayer, love, and support, God is using you to impact nations with the love of Jesus.  The apostle Paul said “I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of salvation for all who believe,” and this Gospel is changing lives all over the world through your partnership.  It is truly incredible, and we’re blessed and honored to be a part of it with you.

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Over the next few months, we’re scheduled to share the love of Jesus in Kenya, Belize, and across the United States – we’re serious about reaching as many people as possible in every country with the message of Jesus, and we’re so thankful for your love, prayer and support.

If you’d like to help, we are always grateful for your prayer and support. Click HERE to partner financially and follow us on FACEBOOK for daily prayer needs and updates from the field.

You can also listen to our latest CD, LOVE IS WIDE on ITUNES or  SPOTIFY.

God bless you, friends, and thanks for reading!

In Jesus,


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