The Power of the Truth

Posted by on Jun 30, 2013

The Power of the Truth

The Dilemma…

I stared across the lawn at a small sea of faces – outwardly I was smiling but inwardly I was wrestling with my thoughts.

It’s not that I wasn’t having a good time. I really was. It was warm for late April in Iowa, and we had just performed on the Luther College central commons. The crowd of students facing us had steadily grown and now many of them were nodding as I did my best to communicate the love of Jesus.

Sharing Jesus at Luther College

Everyone who has ever attended a Midwestern school can attest to the unspoken sigh of relief that spreads across campus when spring finally sets students free from months of confinement indoors.  As a speaker, I was definitely enjoying the benefits of the weather – postures were relaxing and tense faces were breaking out into unforced smiles as people leaned back in the grass and listened.

We were starting to enjoy ourselves.

But I was still wrestling with my question.

A year ago, during our first overseas trip to Tanzania, Africa, we had made a commitment.  The commitment was simply this – every time we performed as a band, we would make sure that we (or someone) shared the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. We would share the truth that everyone has been separated from God through sin, and that being re-connected with God is as simple as admitting we’ve sinned, believing that Jesus died for us and paid the price for our sin, and calling on Jesus.

And this was my problem.

The Moment of Truth:

Looking out at the group of students in front of us – members of a Christian campus group, singing Christian songs, at an originally Christian college – I was struggling:  was it even necessary to share the message of freedom in Jesus?

I considered skipping it, and it wasn’t just a passing thought – it was a battle in my heart.  Was I being redundant?  I was sure they had all heard the message before…  If I shared the Gospel would people start to fidget? Would eyes begin to roll? Would I lose their attention completely?

In the end, it simply came down to a choice to honor my commitment.

So I did it.

In Romans 1:16, Paul says, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes…”    This is no exaggeration, no clever turn of a phrase – the message of new life through Jesus has the power to set EVERYONE free.  No matter how broken, how hurt, how stressed or depressed or ashamed, Jesus loves people, and His sacrifice has the power to bring new, real life to anyone.

“If you’ve never said ‘YES’ to Jesus and you want to receive new life in Him tonight, just raise your hand right now…”  Hands began to rise across the crowd – a surprising number. All over the field, students were experiencing something miraculous – they were coming to Jesus with their failures, with their shame, with their hurt and depression – and one by one God was showing them mercy.  One by one, He was restoring relationship with them, healing broken hearts that once felt like they would never be healed, wiping away feelings of shame in areas that once felt like they could never be cleansed, and showing relentless love to hearts that wondered at the deepest level whether they could ever be truly loved.

And this is why we do what we do.  Regardless of upbringing or environment, there is no substitute for a relationship with Jesus…

And there is nothing in the world like watching people experience new life in Him.

How YOU Can Help:

We believe that everyone on Earth needs to hear this message and have an opportunity to receive new life – White Ribbon Day is committed to sharing this message of freedom with people in every nation, and we’re EXCITED about it.  Since we began this ministry full-time last May, we’ve seen more than 16,000 decisions for Jesus, and we’ve traveled across the country and to several other nations.  Over the next few months we’re scheduled to be performing and sharing Jesus throughout the US and Internationally.

In order to accomplish this we NEED HELP from people who believe in this vision. Here’s how you can partner with us:

PRAY:  Our greatest need – your prayer can change everything

GIVE:  God is impacting many lives, and we couldn’t do it without the support of our friends.  Every member of White Ribbon Day – Kyle Rogers, David McGarvey, and the Blickens Family – is in need of long-term monthly supporters.  Even the smallest monthly gift means more than you can imagine – every dollar enables us to impact more lives, and all gifts are tax-deductible.


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Thank you, dear friends.  We love and appreciate you more than you know!

In Jesus,
Zach Blickens and White Ribbon Day 

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