Happy Resurrection Sunday! (…and redemption in the Snake House…)

Posted by on Mar 24, 2016

Happy Resurrection Sunday!  (…and redemption in the Snake House…)

Hello, friends!  All over the world, Christians are celebrating the events that split history in half – Jesus’ death on a cross to pay the penalty for our sin and his victorious resurrection three days later.

We are inexpressibly thankful to God for His incredible gift to us, and we are also deeply grateful to YOU for your partnership in helping us share the message of freedom and redemption through Jesus with those he loved enough to die for on a worldwide scale.

THANK YOU JESUS, and THANK YOU, friends – we pray that God would bless you in amazing ways this year!

Two weeks ago in Ghana we heard a story of sacrifice and redemption that deeply challenged us and encouraged us – we pray that it is a blessing to you as well:


“I grew up in the North, not in the South – not in Accra.  The South has many Christians, but the North… The North has many idols – in the North people worship animals and spirits and many idols.  It is a very dark place.”

Our driver paused and looked up at us.  A local leader, He had been shuttling us over deeply pitted dirt roads from school to school throughout Accra, Ghana in a well-worn mini-van for several days.  The vehicle was crammed full of our gear, and featured one working window in the back and no working air-conditioning.  Our large, ice-cold water bottles would usually stay chilled for a full five minutes before transitioning from lukewarm to hot in the van’s oven-like back seat.

And through it all – though he was clearly exhausted – he had refused to complain.

(Also, his name was Paul, and his ministry title was “apostle,” which made addressing him pretty fun.)

“Some friends and I – we decided to travel to the North and share with the people about Jesus.  It was a dark place where we went – there was a house in the village called “The Snake House” – a place where the people worshiped idols and spirits.  It was very…” he shook his head and looked down, “it was very dark.”

“We shared the message of Jesus with the people, and many believed, but I thought to myself, ‘Who will help the people grow?  Now that they have been saved, who will teach them about Jesus and how to live?’”

“So I made a decision.  I decided to stay.  And I stayed.  For several years.  I stayed and taught the people about Jesus, and how to walk with Him, and follow Him.  And now…”

He looked at me.

“And now the ‘Snake House’ is a place where they worship Jesus. God changed the people, and changed the place, and it is not dark anymore.  They worship Jesus there now.”

And this is why we do what we do.


Jesus paid a tremendous price to bring freedom and forgiveness to ALL people, and He loves the people of the world with an unfathomable love.

This message of forgiveness and new life through Jesus has the power to change lives all over the Earth, and we are humbled and blessed to know people like our friend the apostle Paul who have sacrificed themselves to share this message and “make disciples” throughout the world.

During our brief stay in Ghana, we were privileged to share the love of Jesus with more than 1500 people in schools, churches and street meetings and to watch hundreds respond – we are beyond thankful to Jesus for this opportunity, and we are also thankful to you for your prayer, support, and partnership in this ministry.

Three weeks ago, we released our latest CD, LOVE IS WIDE, and we have been humbled and blessed by your response.

You can sample the CD on ITUNES or listen on SPOTIFY or wherever music can be downloaded or streamed – we are hoping and praying that the music is a blessing to you, and we’d love to hear what you think!

Over the next few months, we are scheduled to travel throughout the US sharing the incredible love of Jesus, and then to the countries of Malawi, Myanmar, and Costa Rica to participate in large-scale evangelistic festivals.

Please pray for us as we go, and follow us on Facebook for daily updates from overseas, and click HERE if you’d like to partner with us financially in our mission to reach multitudes in every nation with the incredible love of Jesus!


Thanks so much for your love and friendship, and God bless you, dear friends!

In Jesus,

Zach Blickens and White Ribbon Day

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