Our Most-Read Blog: Deported – Sierra’s Story

Posted by on Jun 7, 2018

Our Most-Read Blog:  Deported – Sierra’s Story

Hey friends, Zach here… Two years ago, for the last few months 2016, my daughter Sierra (a powerhouse White Ribbon Day vocalist) lived and worked on a YWAM base on the island of Lesvos, Greece.  Her team’s mission was to share the love of Jesus by serving at a camp for Syrian refugees.  The story that she shares in this blog is truly an incredible account of the faithfulness of God, and it is officially the most-read story we’ve ever posted – by a long-shot!

White Ribbon Day has just returned from a week speaking in Biarritz, France, and we’re getting ready to head out into the American Midwest – partnering with LifeLight Movement to share the life-changing message of Jesus at several large festivals, followed by outreaches to Belize and Pakistan with On The Go Ministries.  We’re sharing Sierra’s story as a reminder of the amazing things God can do when we ask Him!

Please pray for us, and pray for the events – that God would move in an awesome way, and many people would respond to the love of God and experience the “life to the full” that Jesus purchased for all of us.  If you’d like to help, click HERE to partner financially and follow us on FACEBOOK for daily prayer updates from the field. Thank you so much, friends, and God bless you!

And now… here’s Sierra’s story – God bless you and thanks for reading!


“You have overstayed your visa by 23 days, are you aware of the consequences of this?”

My heart dropped like a lead weight hitting the floor of my chest. The scariest words I had heard in a long time. The truth was, I was aware of the consequences – a massive fine and a possible 5-10 year ban from the European Union.

I stared in shock at the Greek police officer sitting behind the desk in front of me.

“Sir, how is this possible? I am well under my 90 day limit. Are you sure there’s no misunderstanding?”

He went on to explain: every traveler entering the EU without a special visa is automatically granted a temporary visa good for 90 days. However, the 90 day allowance includes ALL time spent in the EU within a six month period, and I had stayed in Switzerland for a few weeks several months ago.

I hadn’t mentally added the days to my total 90-day allowance, and he was right, I had overstayed my visa.

I was dumbfounded and left with no argument – I was now in the hands of the law.

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“Ma’am, you are now an illegal immigrant and have only two options. You can either get on a boat to Turkey right now and have someone send your bags to you there or you can spend the night in the local prison and leave first thing in the morning. Either way, you may not be allowed to return to the EU for a long time.”

Neither of those options were real options… were they?

After talking it through with my friend and team leader who stood next to me, we decided that prison was the better option – at least there I might be able to negotiate with the police.

Processed with VSCO with lv01 presetFrom there, I was escorted in the back of a police car to the station where, for the next 5 hours, multiple police officers bickered loudly in Greek over my papers. I had no clue what was going on and none of them spoke enough English to answer my questions.

They took my mug shot, my fingerprints, and made me write my name 10 times so that they had my signature. It was the real deal.

I couldn’t let myself think about what could happen if I actually were to be banned from the EU for the next 5-10 years. All of my plans for the foreseeable future had potential to be completely shattered. My circumstance felt close to hopeless.

I remembered the God that I love. The God that I want to follow with all that I have. The same God who has a crazy track record of doing the impossible in the lives of those who choose to follow Him. I did the only thing I knew how to do – I prayed.

“God, please, can you speak to me? Is there anything you can give me to hold onto while I wait? You’re bigger than this. Just a whisper?”

I waited, listened in the quiet of my heart for that familiar comforting voice…

And there it came. In amazement and disbelief I listened.

“You will go home to the boat tonight. You will leave when you originally planned, and you will be allowed back into Europe soon.”


It sounded too good to be true. Could I really let myself believe something that was so seemingly impossible?

“God, if it’s really you, I believe you can do all of that, but if not, please… PLEASE somehow help me to handle my confusion and disappointment.”

After several hours had passed, a policeman came up to me, handed me some papers and said, “You are free to go. You have a 30 day extended visa and are allowed back into Europe in 3 months.”

I stared at him in disbelief. “You have got to be kidding me.” I thought to myself.

“You mean, I can come back?”

He chuckled, “Yes. Of course.”

I walked out of the building, shock and the weight of my freedom hitting me more deeply with each step that I took. Had God really just done that? He had.

The rest of my time on the island was amazing. The gratitude I felt in those last two weeks was one of the deeper things I have felt in my life.

It’s the scary stories, the situations where you come face to face with fear and cry out from the depths of your heart to the invisible God where you see His real power, strength and love. It’s these experiences that make your faith roots deepen.

Sierra Blog3

I believe He’s waiting for hearts that look to Him, choosing to believe in the face of fear and disbelief. He’s still able to blow our minds, friends. Be amazed with me.

Thank you again for your love and support,
Your friend,


WRD UPDATE: Since April of last year, we’ve had the privilege of watching God move powerfully all over the world.  We saw thousands respond to Jesus in twelve nations and territories on five continents – we’ve just finished up a packed few months of events in Israel, the West Bank, and across the American South and Midwest, and have just returned from BIARRITZ, FRANCE, where we were helping train the next generation of world-changers at a YWAM missions school.  Now we’re preparing for some exciting opportunities to share the love of Jesus in Belize, Pakistan, and across the American Midwest this year.

THANK YOU for helping us share the love of Jesus worldwide. Our vision is to follow God’s leading and help reach as many nations and people as we can with the message of Jesus, and your partnership helps us reach the world together.  If you’d like to help, click HERE to partner financially and follow us on FACEBOOK for daily prayer updates from the field. Thank you so much, friends, and God bless you!

You can also listen to our latest CD, LOVE IS WIDE on ITUNES or  SPOTIFY. Also JUST IN CASE YOU MISSED IT – CLICK HERE for our full 2017 Ministry Report.  Check it out and enjoy!

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