Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia 2017

Posted by on Mar 2, 2017

Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia 2017

“And then I heard about the bombing…”

“You mean the airport attack that was in the news?”  I shook my head at the small, well dressed Pakistani man seated next to me, “Seriously?”

“Yes, that was the one.  And the news was saying that the bombers attended the mosque where a friend of mine was the Imam…”

What?!? I shook my head again, momentarily at a loss for words.

“So I called my friend, and told him what they were saying on the news.  I asked him ‘Did you know these men who carried out the attack?’ and he said ‘No!  We have many people that attend our mosque who I do not know, and I have never seen these men! This is not good!’”

A quick update from the field:  We are currently in Istanbul, Turkey, preparing to head into Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia. Sent by On The Go Ministries, we will be working with the Reid Saunders Association to reach dozens of cities of the Balkans with the incredible love of Jesus. Instead of using our typical festival model, we will be hosting large “dinner parties” in many of these cities, playing music and presenting a clear Gospel message to thousands of beautiful people. Please pray that many lives would be impacted by the life-giving message of Jesus, for the safety of all team members, and for provision for all remaining ground fees. If you’d like to help financially, we are always grateful – simply click to partner with us in this mission. 

“Do you mean that it would’ve been bad for your friend because people would be angry in the community?  Because this was in a European country?”

“Oh yes – it would be very dangerous, very bad!  But because this man was my friend, and he trusted me, he said to me, “I am very worried and I don’t know what to do – can you help me?’ and I answered, him ‘Yes, I think I can.’”

As I listened, my Pakistani Christian friend went on to explain what had happened next:  he and his Imam neighbor had invited members of the community – both Muslims and Christians – to a meeting at the mosque, for the purpose of asking questions and facilitating open discussion

“I was very open with the fact that I was a Christian – a follower of Jesus, and I had been helping those who needed help in the community for a long time, so the people knew who I was and trusted me…”

The meeting effectively dissipated tensions in the community, and was so well received that it became a regularly scheduled event, drawing both Muslims and Christians into public discussion.

Soon, people from the mosque began to ask this Pakistani Christian questions about his faith.  He invited them into his home and shared meals with them, and shared about the hope he and his family had found in Jesus.  It took time, but soon some of his guests began to place their faith in Christ.

Without hiding or compromising his own beliefs, my friend had chosen to help a neighbor in time of need, and now Muslims from the community were beginning to experience the incredible freedom and grace of Jesus.

It was an incredible story, and it moved me deeply.

Because after all, this is why we do what we do.

All over the world – in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities – multitudes of people are desperately in need of the freedom available only through Jesus.


And all over the world genuine God-inspired love is capable of breaking down walls of mistrust and hostility and bringing freedom to the most unexpected places.

As we prepare to head into Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia, we’re praying that God would do incredible things.  The large “dinner party,” model of evangelism that we will be using is new for us, and we’re exited to use music to help present a clear Gospel message to thousands of beautiful people.

Once again here’s how you can pray:

-For many lives to be impacted by the life-giving message of Jesus

-For the safety of all team members

-For provision for all remaining ground fees

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If you’d like to help financially, we are always grateful – simply click HERE to partner with us in this mission.


You can also listen to our latest CD, LOVE IS WIDE on ITUNES or  SPOTIFY.  God bless you, friends, and thanks for reading!

In Jesus,


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