Equipment Failure in the American Midwest

Posted by on Aug 31, 2017

Equipment Failure in the American Midwest

Um… hey Zach…”

“What’s up?” I was squinting at my guitar tuner, trying to read the tiny display in the relentless glare of the August sun.

“Sorry but…” my wife shook her head, “the iPad just shut down – it said the temperature was too high.”

“Seriously?” I paused for the hundredth time to wipe my the sweat out of my eyes with the back of my hand, “Okay… um… lets get it under some shade or something.  Do we at least have mixes we can use for now?”

We were sound-checking on an open wooden stage in the middle of Salem, Iowa, a small town in the middle of the American Midwest, and were using the iPad to mix the sound for our monitors. I had already been setting up equipment for several hours in the hottest part of the day and by this point I was deeply and sincerely regretting my clothing choices – my heavy black jeans and black t-shirt were completely soaked with sweat and I was exhausted.

Only six hours to go…

We’re currently preparing for festival outreaches in MALTA and THE IVORY COAST – we love that as we stand in prayer together with YOU we can impact nations together, and we’re beyond grateful to have you as part of the team. Click HERE if you’d like to help financially in this mission and thanks SO much for standing with us!

“I think our mixes might be okay for now…”

“Alright, thanks,” I turned and half-shouted to the sound engineer across the field, “Hey, our iPad just shut down from the heat – I think we’re gonna have to call it for now.  Are you good on your end?”

“Sure,” the sound engineer – a local pastor who had volunteered his day to support the event – smiled and called back, “I think so!”

“Awesome, thanks!” I turned back to the band, and lifted my guitar strap over my head to remove it, “Let’s go get out of this heat.”

Apparently “I think so” was going to have to be a good enough vote of confidence for now.

And six hours later, we put it to the test.


The event was a fund-raising concert to support a local youth ministry that was changing lives throughout the community.  The event organizer was a local youth leader who moonlighted as a professional MMA fighter.  The sound man was a local pastor.  The youth ministry itself was run by a Christian truck-driver.  One of the opening acts was the new principle of the local elementary school.  Local residents cooked the food, and local high school girls volunteered as face-painters for children.

All day, our whole eclectic group had worked tirelessly together to reach their community with the love of Jesus.

And when the event began, all of our “I think so”s turned out to be enough: the community came out in force, the sound worked beautifully, the food was great, and dozens of children ran rampant, proudly sporting superhero face-paint.

When it was time to play some music and share the incredible message of Jesus, we did.  In the middle of small-town Iowa during a beautiful summer sunset, we shared the truth that changed our lives – that Jesus gave His life to forgive us and reconnect us with a God who is more loving than we could possibly comprehend.

And throughout the park, people prayed and responded – young and old said “yes” to Jesus.

And this is why we do what we do.

One of the things that I love about our job is that we can’t do it alone – every time we watch God work in a community or country, we ALWAYS watch Him use an eclectic group of people to do it.  Local community members and businessmen, pastors and artisans, young and old, rich and poor – God uses a TEAM of unlikely individuals to do the miraculous, and they have one thing in common:

They are willing to give something of themselves – their time, talent, or resources – in order to see lives transformed.

And when they do, they become part of something greater than themselves – something life-changing that only God can do.


When we think about this reality, we can’t help but be grateful to you for your part in sharing this journey with us – you’ve stood with us, prayed for us, supported us, and we can’t thank you enough.  It’s so humbling and beautiful to watch God use YOU to reach nations with the love of Jesus. We’re so grateful for you – and we’re so honored to walk this road together with you.

We’re currently preparing for a large festival on the island nation of MALTA where White Ribbon Day will be representing On The Go while partnering with several amazing artists and evangelists including Reid Saunders, Alan Greene, and HISPOP.Please pray for our upcoming outreaches in Malta, the United States, the Ivory Coast, Greece, and beyond, follow us on Facebook for daily updates from the field, and click HERE if you’d like to partner with us financially in our mission to reach multitudes in every nation with the incredible love of Jesus! God bless you, friends, and thank you so much!


Also, if you haven’t seen our new collaboration with Kpop supergroup HISPOP, check it out HERE – these guys are amazing!  God bless you, friends!

In Jesus,
Zach Blickens and White Ribbon Day

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