Miscommunication in San Pedro

Posted by on Aug 4, 2017

Miscommunication in San Pedro

The sky was darkening quickly as the last glow of the sun faded over the high fence on my right.

I heard a gull cry as it circled high above the gritty sand of the soccer stadium and dimly remembered that I had been excited this morning when someone had told me that the ocean was directly beyond the fence.

But I quickly pushed the memory aside – right now I had a problem to solve.

Moving quickly from one amplifier to another on the stage, I was fiddling with knobs in a vain effort to help fix the distortion we had been struggling with all night.

San Pedro Island, Belize, where we were preparing to perform, boasts between twelve and fifteen churches and roughly three hundred bars – it is a place where people usually go to “get away from it all,” not usually to find out more about God.

And I knew that if we wanted to draw a crowd in this place, it was going to be important for the quality level of our show to be high.

The grating distortion we were currently experiencing was exactly the opposite of quality.

And we were minutes away from the start of the show.

With growing urgency, I continued to hurry between the amplifiers, tweaking knobs and agonizing over settings while slowly beginning to admit to myself that the problem was beyond my ability to fix.

And then – with no solution in sight – we were introduced to the crowd and invited to perform.

So we did – with all of the passion we could muster – distortion and all.

And people gathered – and stayed to listen.


We finished our set and introduced our mentor Keith Cook and He began to speak – he engaged the crowd and shared the incredible message of Jesus.

Distortion and all.

And more people gathered – and stayed to listen.

And finally, it was time to offer the people an opportunity to respond – to say “Yes” to the offer of freedom and forgiveness through Jesus.

“If you want to receive Jesus’ offer of a clean heart tonight – if you’re tired of fighting and struggling and living the kind of lifestyle that has left you broken – I want to invite you to stand up and come forward and we’ll pray TOGETHER!”

And they stood – and they came forward – junkies and journalists and churchgoers and drunks, they came forward.  Some with tears, some with hands raised to the sky, some timid and some crying out – they came forward to say “Yes” to Jesus.

Distortion and all.

And this is why we do what we do.

We just returned from the FESTIVAL OF HOPE in San Pedro Island and Belize City, Belize, where we saw thousands of people respond to the love of Jesus! Now we’re preparing for festival outreaches in the UNITED STATES, MALTA, and THE IVORY COAST – we love that as we stand in prayer together with YOU we can impact nations together, and we’re beyond grateful to have you as part of the team. Click HERE if you’d like to help financially in this mission and thanks SO much for standing with us!

In John 6:44, Jesus says, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day.”  I passionately believe that we have a responsibility to share the message of the cross with excellence – to speak a language that the culture can understand – but I’m continually reminded that it is GOD who ultimately draws people to Himself.

Whatever God has called us to do, I’m convinced that we need to give Him our very best effort – but then we need to trust HIM to accomplish His purpose.

Even when the sound is distorted.


We just returned from Belize, where nine different evangelists spread out for a weeklong campaign that reached nearly every major city in the country, and culminated in a massive festival in Belize City – thousands responded to Jesus, and reports are saying that it may have been the largest Christian event in the history of the country.  A week before that, we were privileged to lead worship and speak for the Iowa Fellowship of Christian Athletes sports camp, where we saw hundreds of American young people respond to Jesus.

We are humbled and blown away by the things that we’ve been watching God do, and we know that it is ALL by His strength – praise Jesus for everything!

We’re so grateful for you, friends – and we’re so honored to walk this road TOGETHER with you!  Please pray for our upcoming outreaches in the United States, Malta, the Ivory Coast, Greece, and beyond, follow us on Facebook for daily updates from the field, and click HERE if you’d like to partner with us financially in our mission to reach multitudes in every nation with the incredible love of Jesus! God bless you, friends, and thank you so much!


Also, if you haven’t seen our new collaboration with Kpop supergroup HISPOP, check it out HERE – these guys are amazing!  God bless you, friends!

In Jesus,
Zach Blickens and White Ribbon Day

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