Quick Report of a Miraculous Response in America

Posted by on Jul 20, 2017

Quick Report of a Miraculous Response in America

I had been feeling it the whole week.

Like a thrum of electricity that I could somehow sense, but couldn’t exactly say why, I just had a SENSE.

A sense that God was wanting to do something extraordinary in the lives of the hundreds of young student athletes at the 2017 FCA Iowa Sports Camp.

I had been asking for prayer from you - my friends - and really from anyone who would listen.

We’re currently in San Pedro Island, Belize, and tonight, by the time many of you are reading this, the FESTIVAL OF HOPE will have begun on this island and in every major city in Belize.  We’re praying and working with several other evangelistic teams with the goal of impacting the ENTIRE NATION of Belize this weekend – we love that as we stand in prayer together with YOU we can impact the nation together, and we’re beyond grateful to have you as part of the team. Click HERE if you’d like to help financially in this mission and thanks SO much for standing with us!

But this was the moment of truth.

“If you want to say YES to Jesus, and make a public commitment to follow Him, I want you to JUMP to your feet and raise your hand on the count of three.  ONE. TWO…”

I had told them it would take courage. I had done everything I could over the last four days to explain the message of freedom and love available through Jesus. I had asked for God to draw people.

But this was the moment of truth.


There was a split second of complete silence and then the young people began to surge to their feet – twenty, fifty, one hundred young people – the softhearted young volleyball players, the tough football players, and everybody in between – until nearly the whole crowd was on their feet, many with tears beginning to spill down their faces.

And in that moment, it hit me with an almost physical force – I caught my breath, took a step backwards, and just began to cry uncontrollably. For a few minutes.

Because this really is why we do what we do.


After coming forward and saying “Yes” to Jesus’ offer of freedom, the young people lingered for a long time, praying for one another, many of them crying together as God brought healing to broken areas of their lives.  And then, when the camp staff finally had to ask the young people to leave the auditorium, they spilled out into the lawn and continued to pray for one another.

By the end of the evening, by rough count, hundreds of young people had recommitted their lives, and many had made first time commitments to Jesus.

And for a while, I just stood there, stunned.

It is hard to put into words how moving it is to see firsthand the incredible love that Jesus has for people – the way He pursues them passionately in order to bring them the freedom and healing that we all so desperately need.

Jesus gave His life for us, and He continues to pursue us, because He loves us more than we can possibly imagine.

I won’t forget this camp experience, and I’m deeply humbled that – together with YOU – we get to watch God draw people to Himself all over the world.

We’re so grateful for you, friends!  Please pray for us THIS WEEKEND in San Pedro and Belize City, Belize, and for our upcoming outreaches in Malta, the Ivory Coast, Greece, and beyond, follow us on Facebook for daily updates from the field, and click HERE if you’d like to partner with us financially in our mission to reach multitudes in every nation with the incredible love of Jesus! God bless you, friends, and thank you so much!


Also, if you haven’t seen our new collaboration with Kpop supergroup HISPOP, check it out HERE – these guys are amazing!  God bless you, friends!

In Jesus,
Zach Blickens and White Ribbon Day


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